CHEI offers an originally designed, China-centric portfolio of resources and practical experiences to enhance hospitality education and help students and educators understand the vast career opportunities. Schools may take advantage of any or all of the following programs, whatever meets their needs.

Faculty Internships

  • Purpose: Teachers rotate through various hospitality venue departments to gain real-world career experiences to enhance classroom instruction
  • Venue: Hotels in mainland China
  • Timing: Summer and winter semesters
  • Duration: Two-week (winter) and four-week (summer)

Guest Lectures

  • Purpose: Industry leader presenters help students gain hospitality knowledge and learn about career opportunities  (during field trips or on campus)
  • Venue: CHEI partner schools and hotels
  • Timing: Ongoing
  • Duration: Two hours

Field Trips

  • Purpose: Hospitality venue site visits for students and teachers to observe operations first-hand and build relationships
  • Venue: Hospitality venues in mainland China
  • Timing: Ongoing
  • Duration: Four to five hours

School Visiting

  • Purpose: CHEI team’s presence on campus to share project updates, solicit program feedback, build relationships, discuss next steps and offer professional academic solutions
  • Venue: CHEI partner schools or new lead schools in mainland China
  • Timing: Ongoing
  • Duration: Up to one full day

Teaching-Learning Resources

  • Purpose: Complementary hospitality teaching tools and resources focused on conversational English and soft skills for universities and vocational schools
  • Venue: CHEI partner schools and new lead schools in mainland China
  • Timing: Hospitality English curriculum and other resources available in the Learning Center on this website

Teaching Conference

  • Purpose: An invitation-only educational conference with keynote presentations, workshops on teaching techniques, and networking with educators and industry leaders
  • Venue: Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview
  • Timing: July 12-15, 2016

Regional Teaching Forums

  • Purpose: Interactive teaching methodology workshops
  • Venue: CHEI partner schools in mainland China
  • Timing: April, October December 2016
  • Duration: Two days

International CHEI Fellows

  • Purpose: Prestigious program involves select Chinese teachers visiting universities in the U.S. for one semester
  • Venue: Select U.S. hospitality schools
  • Timing: Fall and spring semesters
  • Duration: One semester

Each of these programs involves an application process. If you are interested in participating in any CHEI program, please send a request to